Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Oh Londinium

Oh Londinium, how I love you so.  It's a shame that a week's rent in London pretty much equals a month's rent in Glasgow.  Ah well.  Six monthly visits will have to do until G&T get that loft converted.  Manny services in exchange for free accomodation.  Ha!
Anyway, I have been moved to post my first blog in OVER A YEAR (again) due to some really rather pleasant eating experiences whilst in The Big Smoke:

Congratulations to Westow House...

Turns out that G&T's new next door 'hood' Crystal Palace is teeming with cool gastropubs (I hate that word) and it was rather a chore having to choose between them for our slap-up 3-course-with-liquers-if-we-have-time-to-squeeze-them-in-before-the-babysitter-misses-her-last-train-dinner.
I know - life's a beeyatch. 
After much mulling over of online menus we plumped for Westow because, quite frankly, you can take the girl out of Motherwell but you can't take Motherwell out of the girl.  Which means I'm a bit of a skinflint when it comes to spending money, even when it's someone else's.  It also means I get excited about half-price tattie scones.

So.  Westow House is CHEAP!  In a good way.  By London standards it's fairly miraculous.  As vulgar as it is I feel I can't stop myself going into the gory details: we are talking change from £120 quid.  For a 3 course meal for four people with booze.  And we had oysters!  I think they may have undercharged us somewhere...


P.S.  we didn't have time for liqueurs before the babysitter had to catch her train.  Plus, I don't think they do them.

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