Sunday, 16 August 2009

Princes Square

I'll keep this brief.

Friday night. Post-work pizza at the place that has lots of Zs in the name. Buy-one-main-course-get-another-for-a-£1-voucher in my bag. Love pizza a lot. Getting quite excited. Discover too late that they don't take the voucher on a Friday night. Major huff ensues. Followed by really bad, tasteless, overcooked pizza. Wine also pish. Waiter smells like an ashtray. Cream puff doesn't improve. In bed by 10pm.

Not much else to say, really.


p.s. except: why does the management at Princes Square (the humungous glass roof of which raises the interior temperature to greenhouse proportions) insist on TURNING THE HEATING ON IN THE HEIGHT OF SUMMER??! It may be raining outside but it's still 19 DEGREES!! You twats.

The Barnton Bistro Has Re-opened!

It's true! If the menu's the same then Stirling's vegetarians can breathe a sigh of relief...


Byres Rd

Ooh, it's been a while food fans. It feels like we haven't had time to actually eat over the last 6 weeks, let alone gather material for the old blogette, but now that we are happily ensconsed back into city living, we've managed to squeeze in a couple of meals out.

We've been compiling a list of eateries in central Glasgow to try out, and No.16 (or is it No. Sixteen?) on Byres Rd was up near the top for two reasons: good things heard and, the real clincher, a £12.95 3 course pre-theatre menu - including a glass of wine!! You don't get many offers like that up the west end. Ok, so you have to get there by 6.15pm but since it was my day off and Himself was working in Byres Rd anyway, not a problem.

And overall, I really would recommend it. Nice food. The free glass of wine was even decent, and best of all, large.

But I would like to take this opportunity to make a plea to trendy restaurants everywhere: please can you stop putting bastard chorizo in all your bloody fish dishes??!! I'm becoming convinced that this is an F.U. to us pesky fish-eating vegetarians:
"Hey, I know, let's put just one fish dish on the menu but, just to piss off those vegetarians who aren't really vegetarians who always go for the fish option when they're eating out, why don't we put meat in it? Ha! That'll teach em."

Is this what food critics stuffing their fat faces on the Great British Menu call 'Surf n Turf'? Cos they're all at it you know. The tapas place in Princes Square we went to after work the other week was just as bad - nice sounding bit of sea bream perched on top of...guess what? Bastard chorizo mash. Why? Even if I ate meat I wouldn't eat that shit. It's a dodgy fat-filled sausage, and the Mediterranians aren't exactly renowned for their ethical approach to meat rearing. I know it's a lot to ask but it would be nice if for once people would take a few minutes to consider what living creatures are put through just so that they can enjoy their manky minced pig.

Anyway, back to No. 16: I had to have the risotto. Which I'd made for my tea the night before.