Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Big Up To Bruadar

I think Bruadar on Partickbridge Street might be my new favourite watering hole, with its endless burger menu (FIVE veggie options!!) and impressively huge range of 'craft' ales. Cheap wine too - hurrah!

Naturally I favour the halloumi burger with roasted red pepper.  Yumminess of the highest order.

Note the red cabbage coleslaw.  I wonder if I am alone in really despising coleslaw with every fibre of my being...where did it come from?  Why is it here?  Particularly heinous when referred to on the menu as 'slaw'.  It's really not necessary people, please stop it.
My greatest fear when travelling on our Great British Railways (besides having to use the toilet, obviously) is that I am trapped within smelling distance of someone devouring a coleslaw-laden sandwich from M&S.  And I'm not even sure coleslaw smells.  Maybe it's the power of suggestion.  Shudder.

Here's another picture of my new favourite pub:


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  1. I don't generally appreciate cole slaw, either! And I want to know where it came from! And why does it smell like that?!

    One thing I will say for it is that it stays crisp when dressed, which other leafy salads won't. But that's about all. I've found some recipes that are better--but they really aren't cole slaw so much as cabbage salad.