Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Merchant City

It's a chilly September night in Glasgow. LR's got 20% off vouchers for a new Japanese place, so we're heading east to try it out.

We get there and in Damage's words, it "looks like a supermarket"; it does, but with less slightly atmosphere than my local Morrisons. Tentatively, LR asks to see a menu before we commit. This proves to be a wise move since the lowest price on it seems to be £15. Although it's difficult to concentrate on what the menu says due to a commotion to our left - there's a large party of diners being 'entertained' by a chef who's standing in the gap in their square table chucking around what looks like slices of fried potato. The chef is making a hell of a lot of noise and the diners seem slightly uncomfortable, like they're being forced to have a good time.

We politely leave and go over the road to Ad Lib, and it turns out to be the first meal out I've had when I've not begrudged paying £10 for my main course (catfish burger with crayfish on top, since you ask).




Big up to The 78 on Kelvinhaugh Street, Glasgow:

A pub/restaurant with an interesting, varied and relatively cheap menu and I can eat everything on it since it's meat-free (quite possibly vegan and organic to boot). Hooray! Cool and comfy surroundings, lovely staff, and different stuff happening every night.

In the words of himself, "barry".


West End Pizza

Sorry Pizza Magic, you have been usurped in our affections by Paperinos and their pesky new takeaway pizza menu. The menu's better, the pizza's tastier and more authentic, and they're cheaper.

It was fun, but it's over now.



Bloody hell, it's been about 6 weeks since I last slagged off a restaurant online! This working-40-hours-a-week business really doesn't allow much time for blogging. Or eating, come to think of it...

Just a quickie to tell you how disappointing the Sample Rooms at the former Caledonian Brewery in Edinburgh was (see? I can't even be bothered to not tell you the real name).

Me and Him are going for lunch with the brother-in-law and his Canadian mistress, it's festival time in the Capital, it's Sunday, and we're on the prowl for a slap-up roast for the boys.

We find it, conveniently round the corner from the brother-in-law's flat; also, the boys have been there before and have deemed it to be "a bit pricey, but worth it".
Alas, on this particular occasion at least, it was pricey, but not worth it.

Main offences:
Meagre portions - my very average main course consisted of 2 (not very tasty) fishcakes, 3 cherry tomatoes and a bit of rocket, all of which adds up to a starter in my book, not an £8 main...
The kitchen managed to render a rhubarb crumble flavourless (apart from the worryingly earthy undertaste that is)...
They also managed to make a chocolate pudding taste of cheddar...
Worst of all, the waitress failed to offer the 'free pint of ale with every Sunday roast', the poster for which we only noticed on our way out! The roasts cost a tenner, incidentally.