Monday, 11 April 2011

Indeed I Do

Dear Wannaburger,

Please will you open a branch in Glasgow (but with less stinky loos)?

Yours sincerely

Brilliant Brunches

Just a quick 'shout out' to a couple of neighbourhood cafes for their yummy breakfasty/brunchy type loveliness:  Hyndland Cafe (the clue to its whereabouts is in the name) for perfect smoked salmon and scambled egg bagels. Also, the Brooklyn Cafe (it's not actually in Brooklyn, it's in Shawlands!) for a very nice all day breakfast which includes a rather sumptuous fruit pudding.  Yum.


Friday, 1 April 2011

Heroes and Villians cont.

Ah, yes.  Cottiers. 
How could I forget?  A dining experience so incredibly bad we were given vouchers for a free meal to make up for it.  Don't really have the energy to go into it.  The second visit was an improvement but they're still asking an awful lot of cash in return for very little.  And their mulled wine at Christmas was undrinkable.  Just not on really.

The Wee Curry Shop (Ashton Lane):
Over-rated.  Food very average.  Noisy, badly decorated and atmosphere-free.  Rubbish service to boot.  Give me the Tiffin Rooms any day.

Hah!  Ok, let's move on to the good stuff.  I'll see if I can keep things even.

Roseleaf, Edinburgh:
Lovely food, interesting menu and quirky and comfy surroundings.  Spent a very enjoyable birthday afternoon there with four very nice men.

Cafe Fresh, Dublin:
Enormous portions of vegetarian loveliness.  The carnivore in the family says it was effing ace.

The Bridge House, Maida Vale, London
Extensive menu that's amazingly good value for that neck o the woods.  Experience slightly marred by the fact that the man in charge was a total dick. 

Hmm.  I'm trying to think of some goodies in my hometown.  Places I will be going back to include:
Shandon Belles at the Buttery (as long as they stop putting chorizo in the fish dish!!!!!!)
Stereo - mainly for the sweet potato chips
The Lane - good pizza and very nice hot butter rum
Velvet Elvis - am still trying to get my mits on their salt cod croquettes

There.  Not a totally depressing state of affairs.  Hooray!


Heroes and Villians

In the words of dear Peaches Geldof, OMG!

It's been almost a year since my last post. I'm not sure why. I suppose life sometimes gets in the way...I feel the only way to deal with this is to do a quick round-up of the culinary heroes and villians of the last financial year, if my poor bedraggled brain can remember that far back.
Shall we do the Villians first? Yes, let's.

Tron Theatre:
Tasteless, over-priced. The only decent thing was the coffee. They charge £10 for a veggie burger which turns out to be the frozen variety from Farmfoods. Nuff said.

Rave reviews for this recently-opened French eaterie had us thinking it would be the perfect place for a nice pre-Christmas lunch. Wrong! Here's why:
a) RUDE (I could go as far to say 'snooty') waiters providing zilch service; we were asked once during our 2 and a half hour meal if we needed anything (we were only there so long because everything was so painfully slow).
b) The half of the menu consisting of egg-based dishes was off because "the dairy delivery hasn't arrived today". First of all, eggs aren't dairy. Second of all, your restaurant is precisely 100 yards from a shop selling eggs - work it out!
c) The food is very very basic. I imagine they think that because it's a bit 'French' that it's ok to charge posh prices. It's not.
d) Tiny portions.

So there.

Hmm. I know there were plenty more crap restaurant experiences to report but I think I'm going to have to mull it over my (homemade) lunch.